At Township Hall unless otherwise noted

July 18, 7:00pm
Regular Meeting

July 26, 8:30am
Budget Workshop

August 8, 7:00pm
Regular Meeting

September 14, 6:30pm


Community Events

Fireworks Fest 2017

On June 3rd Canfield Students were honored for their poems regarding Living/Life in Canfield.

The winners were selected by a qualified teacher from outside our school district by grade/age.

Listed below are the winners:   Congratulations!

Brianna Dunlap

Natalie Gelonese
Carson Nagy
Hannah Stein
Riley Wilkins


National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

Mahoning County will be part of a CDC survey that's expected to influence public health policy nationwide. 

Fifteen counties across the country have been selected to participate in the National Health and Nutrition Exam Survey.

For more information:


A Place for Family & Friends
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  Welcome to Canfield Township!

Canfield Township is a semi-rural community located in the center of Mahoning County in Northeast Ohio. It embraces country style living while offering the perfect balance of residential and commercial growth.  The Township is about 5 square miles, has a population of approximately 8,500 residents and  is part of the Canfield Local Schools system.

Canfield Township is governed by a Board of three Trustees, a Fiscal Officer and a Township Administrator. The Board of Trustees of Canfield Township believes being a Trustee is the most personal form of any government. Township administration is known across the country as the grass root government of America. In addition to all budget decisions, the services provided include the maintenance of township roads and ditches, strict zoning, fire protection through the Canfield Fire district, police services through the Mahoning County Sherriff’s department, street lighting districts plus care of the township cemetery and the township park. The elected trustees fill their offices on a part-time basis, but are always available and ready to meet the individual needs of the community.

This website was created to provide general information on all services provided by Canfield Township including meeting dates, meeting minutes and easy connection to your elected officials. Should you have any questions or comments please visit the directory tab on this website.

View a Canfield Township Map now.

Canfield Township MapHistory

Canfield, in 1798, became Township No. 1 in range No. 3 by the purchase from the Connecticut Land Company. This 16,324 acre tract was located on the southeastern border of the Connecticut Western Reserve Territory. It was purchased by six gentlemen; most of the land was owned by Judson Canfield. The Township was originally called Campfield; on April 15, 1800 it was voted to be called Canfield, in honor of Judson Canfield. Read more.