At Township Hall unless otherwise noted.

August 30, 9am
Special Meeting at
Mahoning County
Commissioners Office

September 12, 7pm
Regular Meeting

September 18, 8:30am
Public Works Dept. Workshop 
Budget Review

October 10 and 24, 7pm
Regular Meetings

September 14, 6:30pm


On Thursday, July 27th and Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 the Informational Annexation Meetings were held.  For more information please go to the Community tab then click on Annexation.  


Note:  The Park forms can also be found under Community ~ Canfield Township Park for more           information.

Trustee Meetings

Canfield Township Trustees normally meet the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 7pm at Township Hall, however dates can be changed due to summer and holiday schedules.

Meeting Minutes

The minutes shown on this website are not official.  The official signed minutes are on file in the Township office and are available for inspection and copying by contacting the Fiscal Officer.

Recordings of many meetings are available for listening in the Township Office and a copy may be obtained upon request from the Fiscal Officer

Note: Meeting minutes are to provide information of the most salient points and are not intended to describe all conversations and testimony verbatim.  Minutes and recordings are kept in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code and available per the Ohio Sunshine Laws. Please feel free to contact the Township office for more information.

Canfield Township's Complete Public Record Policy

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2016 Minutes
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