At Township Hall unless otherwise noted.

February 27, 5pm
Budget Meeting

February 27, 7pm
Regular Meeting

March 13 & 27, 7pm
Regular Meetings

March 5, 6:00pm
Special Public Meeting

March 8, 6:30pm



The information pertaining to the  proposed JEDD Agreement between Canfield Township and the City of Canfield can be viewed by clicking on the links below.
Millennial Moments Overlay Zoning
Proposed Millennial Moments JEDD Agreement

The Mercedes Place Drainage Restoration Project will begin May 2018.

For more information, please click on the link below.
Mercedes Place Project

Employment Opportunities

PT Seasonal Snow Plow Driver
Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate Position
Zoning Commission Alternate Position

Send or email your resume to:
Canfield Township
21 S. Broad St.
Canfield, OH 44406
ATTN: Keith Rogers
email: keith@canfieldtownship.org


Wednesday, September 13th and Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 the Informational Aqua Meetings were held to discuss the proposed water main extension from Tippecanoe Road heading West down the South side of Leffingwell Road. For more information please click on this link  Aqua~Canfield Township Water Main Extension

On Thursday, July 27th and Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 the Informational Annexation Meetings were held.  To view these
 meetings and the Update Informational Meetings that were recently held in November, please go to the Community tab then click on Annexation.

Canfield Township Trustees selected IGS Energy, Dublin Ohio as the natural gas supplier to participants in its Natural Gas Aggregation Program.
If you have questions please call IGS Energy at 1-877-353-0162.

For more information please click on the links below. 
Columbia Gas
Dominion East Ohio


Public Works/Road DepartmentPublic Works/Road Department

Bob Burkett

Bob Burkett
21 Years of Service

Shawn Stack

Shawn Stack
10 Years of Service

Mike Fuchilla

Mike Fuchilla

Your Road Department is proud to keep you moving and primarily handles:

  • 36+ miles of Canfield Township roads
  • Snow and ice control on Township roads
  • Paving inspections and patching Township roads
  • Dean Hill Cemetery
  • Drainage within right of way
  • Thousands of feet of storm sewer lines
  • Maintenance on all road vehicles
  • Township Signage
  • Township Facilities (3 buildings)

Township Roads & Mileage
County & State Roads

For Canfield Township Road concerns call:
Canfield Township office: (330) 533-4239 Monday- Friday 8am to 4pm.

For County Road concerns call:
Mahoning County Highway Engineers: (330) 799-1581

For State Road concerns call:
Ohio Department of Transportation ODOT: (330) 533-4351

Township Leaf Collection

Each year the Township performs a Leaf Collection for the residents that choose to participate. The leaves must be place in tied compostable bags or we can not pick them up. The Township will provide (5) free bags per Township family and $2.00 for each (5) thereafter. Bags can be acquired at the Township Hall or any other store.  Bag pick up is typically the third week of October thru Thanksgiving. The last pick up will be dictated by the weather.

For residents North of Route 224- TUESDAYS
For residents South of Route 224- THURSDAYS

The leaf bags are to be placed at the curb by 8:00 a.m. on the day of pick up and the Public Works Employees will do the rest.

Common Water Questions:


What if I have standing water in my yard or water backs up in my house?

Homeowners should call the Township before calling a plumber if they have standing water or a backup and if they have reason to believe it may be due to Township pipes. Plumbers charge, we do not. If water is coming up through the main drain in your basement, call the Mahoning County Sanitary Engineering Department at 330-793-5514. Standing water in a yard is usually the homeowner’s responsibility. If in doubt call the Township.

Does the Township open up plugged driveway pipes? 

Driveway pipes and piped in ditches: We will sewer jet pipes in an attempt to open them. If the pipes are in bad shape or we are unable to open them, the homeowner is responsible for repairs or replacement if the street was originally open ditch. We do not install or replace driveway pipes.

What do I do if I want to pipe in the ditch in front of my house?

Contact the Township Administrator at the Township office, he will meet you at your house and review what needs to be done so the rainwater runoff is collected properly.

Should I call the Township if a catch basin is backed up?

Yes. Please note-no yard debris or any type of debris should be put into the catch basins. This can cause flooding and backup into the homeowners basement or garage. We repair catch basins in an order depending on the severity of the damage.

Who is responsible for sump or downspout lines that run onto a neighbor’s property?

Call the Mahoning County District Board of Health at 330-270-2855.

If I have city water who is my supplier?

If your house is located north of route 224 then you have Youngstown Water Service:
Emergency service: 330-884-6006. 

If your house is located south of route 224 then you have Aqua Ohio Water Service:
Emergency service: 1-877-987-2782

Youngstown Water Department and Aqua Ohio are responsible for water lines and hydrants.

Common Winter Questions:

What if my mailbox is damaged? 

Canfield Township’s mailbox reimbursement policy was passed by Resolution on April 8, 2014 reads:
The standardization of the costs associated with mailbox repair and or replacement,
the policy of Canfield Township: (1) The Public Works Department will make an attempt
to repair the existing mailbox, the cost of the repairs not to exceed $25.00. 
If the mailbox cannot be repaired, (2) the Township will replace it with a standard
4x4 post, standard mailbox not to exceed $25.00. In the event the home owner wishes to replace the existing mailbox with something different: (3) once installed the resident can 
submit a copy of the invoice and the Township will issue a check for $25.00.

Who plows my street?

Five Township trucks plow and salt Township maintained roads. There are many County, State and Private roads within Canfield Township and you must call the appropriate entity with a problem or concern. Click on the list of roads above to see who plows your road. 

What if my garbage cans are hit by a truck?

We cannot be responsible for garbage cans and recycling bins that are left in the streets. They should be placed in the homeowner’s driveway.

How is the snow in a cul de sac handled?

We currently have 79 cul de sacs and each one is different. Therefore, we plow and pile the snow the quickest way and the snow cannot be evenly distributed among neighbors.

Who repairs my grass or property that was damaged?

We repair snow plow damage every spring with topsoil and seed within the road right away. The yards that are damaged are Township owned in right of way and not the homeowners. We are not responsible for and cannot replace sprinkler systems, landscaping, shrubbery etc. that is placed in the right of way.

Common Summer Questions:

When will my street be paved?

Each year a list of recommended Township roads to be paved  is presented to the Board of Trustees by the Road Superintendent and Assistant Road Superintendent. The board then carefully reviews the paving history, necessity and budget to determine which roads will be paved.  Please know that Canfield Township participates in a joint paving program with Austintown and Boardman in order to keep paving cost down. Paving usually takes place sometime in July thru September. Please call the Township office if you would like to know more about your road.  If you would like to see the last time you road was paved click on the following: Paving

Can I burn in the Township?

Canfield Township does not have a burn permit. Small 3’ x 3’ bond fires with your own wood are permitted on your property ( roasting marshmallows for example). Anything  larger and that will produce smoke, leaves for example, you are required to call the Canfield Fire District for instruction at 330-533-4316.

Where does the Township mow?

We mow berms twice a year between June 1-15 and August 1-15. We mow right of ways on Township roads only. We are not permitted to work vacant lots or anything privately owned.

Do you pick up dead animals?

We will pick up dead animals on all Township and County roads. They must be in the right of way as we are not permitted to work on private property. ODOT will pick up dead animals on State roads. 

Who patches potholes? 

We patch holes and bad areas on Township roads only. We are not permitted to patch County or State roads.

Who handles signs and down trees? 

We repair and replace all signage on our roads. We will cut and remove fallen trees across the roads but we are only permitted to cut back to the road right of way. 

What about the end of my driveway and curb?

We do not repair driveway approaches or curbs (most were improperly installed). We do have a curb cut permit. Curbing is a cosmetic repair and we do not have the staff to do such repairs.Should you want cut a Township Curb you must complete a curb cutting permit.

Who should be called when a street light is out?

If a street light is out in your area, please visit the First Energy website at https://www.firstenergycorp.com/content/customer/service_requests/report-lighting-problem.html

What do I do if I smell gas while I’m out walking my neighborhood?

If you are north of route 224 call Dominion East Ohio Gas at 877-542-2630
If you are south of route 224 call Columbia Gas at 1-800-344-4077
Contact the Township Hall from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at 330-533-4239
If you hear gas leaking contact the Joint Cardinal Fire District at 911