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Regular Meetings
November 13 & 27, 7pm
December 11, 7pm

November 15, 6:30pm
Regular Meeting


Employment Opportunities 

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Part-Time Job Requirements & Description

Full -Time Job Requirements & Description

PT Seasonal Snow Plow Driver


Its that time of year again for Leaf Collection.
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Leaf Pickup 2018

On October 5, 2018, the annual program Good Morning Canfield took place at the Mahoning County Career and Technical Center (MCCTC). The aforementioned featured updates about Canfield.
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Canfield Township 2018 Updates

JEDD~Millennial Moments

The information pertaining to the  proposed JEDD Agreement between Canfield Township and the City of Canfield can be viewed by
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Site Plan ~ Millennial Moments

Millennial Moments Overlay Zoning

Proposed Millennial Moments JEDD Agreement

To view the PowerPoint presentations on the Annexation Informational & Updated Informational Meetings that were held in 2017,  please go the the Community Tab then click on Annexation.


Canfield Township participates in a Natural Gas Aggregation Program.
Dominion residents are supplied by IGS Energy
Rate: $3.34/Mcf = $0.334/Ccf

Columbia Gas residents are supplied by Volunteer Energy
Rate: $4.16/Mcf = $0.416/Ccf

The rates are effective from
October 2018 - September 2019
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Gas Aggregation Program

Helping Plan & Build a Better Canfield



Zoning Information and Permits Contact Traci DeCapua at 330-533-4239.
Hours are:   Monday  Friday,  8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Zoning is defined as the division of a jurisdiction into districts to enable the regulation of land according
to the nature and use of the land in order to promote the orderly development of the area, and the
protection of public health, safety and general welfare. Zoning permits the enjoyment of all property
rights, so long as the owner does not infringe upon or impair the exercise of the same rights of others.

In 1948, the Canfield Township Board of Trustees and the Canfield Township Zoning Commission
enacted the first Zoning Resolution. In the subsequent years, different Boards of Trustees and Zoning
Commissions have revised and amended the original Resolution to keep pace with the changing
character of the township and evolving lifestyles of its residents.

Permit Application and Procedure

A Zoning Permit shall hereinafter be secured from the Township Zoning Inspector prior to any construction of any building, structure or sign in the Township. All requests for Zoning Permits shall be filed through application by the owner or his authorized agent and shall include the use or intended use of the building or structure after the proposed construction, erection, reconstruction, relocation or alteration. A scaled drawing showing the location of the proposed and/or existing building on the site plan shall be submitted to, and filed with, the Township Zoning Inspector.

Application Requirements

Before construction or altering of any site, structure, or building, including accessory buildings,
application shall be made to the Canfield Township Zoning Inspector for a Zoning Permit. The
applications shall include the following information:

Complete building plans, elevations and a plot plan drawn to scale showing the exact dimensions of the
proposed structure or structures, placement on the lot, access drives and parking areas.

In the case of new Commercial Construction, on site storm water detention areas and calculations must
meet the Mahoning County Specifications and be made a part of the site plan presented to the Canfield
Township Zoning Office for review by the Mahoning County Engineer.

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

When do I need a permit?

Any structure valued at over $500.00 requires a permit.

How do I acquire a Zoning Permit?

You will need an accurate site plan showing the distance for the front ,rear and side yard setbacks, a
set of prints or drawing of the structure with measurements of the width, length and height. The most
misunderstood permits are storage sheds and above ground swimming pools, because they are not
considered permanent structures by many residents, Zoning Permits are required for these structures.

Do I need a zoning permit for replacement windows, siding or roof?

No. Zoning does not regulate building construction standards; Mahoning County Building Inspection
would require a permit to perform such construction.

Do I need a permit for a fence and what are the requirements for a fence?

A zoning permit is required by State Law and Local Zoning Code. Fences are required to be a minimum of 1 foot from the property line and may be installed on the property line with the neighbors permission. A minimum 4' 6" fence is required around swimming pools. A project started without obtaining a Zoning Permit, will automatically double the Zoning Permit fee. When in doubt call it will save money and headaches.

Are permits required for garage sales?

No. Please note: placing signs on utility poles or public right-a-way is in violation of State and LocalZoning Codes and subject to penalties; signs found in these locations will be removed and discarded.

What are my options if my project does not comply with Zoning Regulations?

You can request a zoning variance. Zoning variances are designed to provide relief of the Zoning
Regulations: appealing the decision of the Zoning Inspector and for any practical difficulty such as
setbacks, use and area regulations. Each zoning hearing is based on it on merits as presented by the

How do I file a Zoning Violation Complaint?

If you feel that a possible violation exists in your neighborhood or other areas, you may contact
the zoning office with the complaint or use the REPORT A CONCERN button on the home page. The
complaint will be investigated and action taken if found in violation.

Please note - over grown grass, noxious weeds or abandoned vehicles are Public Nuisances and may be removed or maintained by the Township.